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We have been inspired by the James Beard Foundation No Waste Program.

We believe in 100% utilization of our food product which is sourced from local sustainable markets. 

We use seasonal ingredients for the freshest food possible that is sourced from our local farmers to our truck.

We will be composting as much as possible. We only purchase biodegradable

packaging and you will never be given single use plastic to go bag, utensil or water bottle from us.


The environment belongs to all of us and we want to do our part

for its preservation for future generations.

- Joe Czapla, Founder





March 2021


                                         5th: Cameron Village 530pm-8pm.                                        

6th: South Brewing 1pm-5pm.

7th: South Brewing 1pm-5pm.

12th: J. Reuben Long Detention Center, Conway 11am-1pm. 

13th: Twelve 33 Distillery, Little River, 2pm-7pm.  

14th: New South Brewing 1pm-5pm.

18th: New South Brewing 430pm-7pm.  

19th: New South Brewing 430pm-7pm.

20th: New South Brewing 1pm-5pm.

21st: Thompkins Farm, Conway 10am-2pm.

27th: New South Brewing 1pm-5pm.

28th: New South Brewing 1pm-5pm.

31st: Cameron Village 530pm-8pm.




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Myrtle Beach, Horry and Georgetown Counties

(843) 957-9301


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